terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2008

de Fri para Tarek em 2005

I ll be thiking to u , eu sempre pensarei em você

I`ll be thinking of you, in almost everything I do, or i feel.
You´ll never find as long as you live someone who loves you so much n tender like I do
Where can you find someone who cares about you in the way I did?
You can search thausend years, but no matter where anh how u search you wont never find someone as me that loves u so tenderly
I never can say goodbye to u. I´m told I´ve been fool n I d run out of this love
They say this love cant work out. But I cant stop loving u, what s wrong with that?
I´d like someone answer me?
Im not tired to say "I luv U"
No one can take ur place ever in my heart .
Tarek save urs kisses , all them to me, bec i count the seconds that one day I can be again with u
in our sweet home in Alexandria or somewhere else
This love is for whole eternity Ta!
Gee! u wondt fnd another one who ll love u so tender as me
Im not bragging on myself!
But Im sure u agree Im the only one wholoves u now and forever so strongly
U showed the Luv under the pyramids shadows
You swept me off my feet it was not possible to not fall in love with u
When u held me close to u , really HABIB i couldnt resist to u and now im complety in love for u


coisas q eu escrevia para Tarek em forma de poemas, era meu coracao falando ao dele

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