quarta-feira, 18 de julho de 2007

Loving u Tarek my pharaoh - Egypt- without U

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Without U Ta

Now is the time !
Now İ've realized that is time to let things right.All the mess must go or stop
İ've had afraid and İ feel that maybe İ never will stay to free this mess
İ must face to face all fears İ need to open wise my eyes
Looking back to my life İ see this future mine of now
There s a lot of money, confort , securit...
Also, it s miss of love, it was miss of happiness, missing aims ..
İ' s like a vegetable all İ said it was : İm afraid , İ feel me alone.
İ'd cont only with myself...İm in a Labirinty İ see the smile of life
İm in a survive life-test.
To die or to live...To be weak or to be strong; go ahead or back !
My mind is like a tomatoe prepered to be cuted...sliped in a lot pieces to be salat.
Yes! it is time ! But, not time to return to past
İt s impossible, but the past consequences re besides me
İ dont know the final of this history
But, İm here to discover. İ know if İ give up now İ ll regret.
İm in life-hands in God- hands: For God sakes ! İ will win all this bad phase!
My Laughter of all will sound so lound - so hıgh.
İf İ find Love all can be ...İ' ve found U
İ dont have words to express my feelings by U now ..İ know İ need new emotions
Nothing is being enough tnow to be my pleasure...nothing can satisfite me now
Because miss U
You've all to me...nothing can compare to u
You are like pleasure and satisfation to me all time and forever!

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