sábado, 5 de janeiro de 2008

Meu melhor presente de aniversario, my best present i got in my Birthday, My turkish friend gave me

happy birthday

Hi fri fri
i hope you are happy in this new age of you.
one year is so long an same times so short.
you won a new year please look behind and say good bye to all wrongs.
and welcome new age , this age will be your best time i hope so.
i believe allah never disagree any wish if you wish really.
i ask now happines for all years, i wish happy ages healthfull and sweet.
i hope you get what you want and what is better for your life.
do your works correct and stump allah name all your acts jobs.
when someone knows you the person must see allah on you.
you know allah loves you so much.
so that dont say he doesnt accept my wishes and you have problems.
i dont think so:
he gives more hard times to you to make your position higher.
in muhammed time there were so many great people that believes mohammed.
and when if they dont get somethnig wrong or bad in the life time.
they scared to be far from allah.
they think if i done something bad for allah he doesnt give me calamity.
i am worried to be way of devil.
so that you know allah loves you so much and gives you problems.
allah says we never give anyone more hard what he or she cant carry it.
all people has life as they can carry.
take glasses of allah,open your ears with allah, hand your hands through to alalh.
if allah prepares for you a great heaven please be patient and get it.
happy birth days heaven woman:)
allah is celebrating for you in the heaven your birth day.
take care .
note:this letter has seen by allah.and protected by him.
bless you.

Meh, u know
how much precious ur words are to me
how much dear u are to me
no one compare to u in emotional and mind feelings to touch me
u really can put ur finger in my soul trough so wonderful words
I know allah touch ur soul and move u to do all for me
and i thanks him to use so great human as u are
when i chat with u about God, i have one kind of Spiritual Desintoxication
U wash my soul with holy words with sacraded in words
Thanks for all
U re the safe bridge i need much to balance me in this not save road i am now
kiss ur heart now

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