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Carta de Fri triste para Tarek- Fri s romantic letter to Tarek in Egypt - lost in love !

Escrevi essa carta pro Tarek em 2005, parece que eu sabia o que poderia nos acontecer

Dear Love
I am very ill, I´d like to be strong enough to know that it will pass...
But I know it will be each time more stronger.

Tarek i want ask you one thing...
Please .... look to stars on the sky
Look their brightness, their brightness is the same brightness that your love gave to my heart.
See the stars every time you can and remember the bright of my eyes.
When I was with you, for sometime the bright was so strong in my eyes, the brights came back to my eyes when i found you and your love.

My dark eyes...so dark as the night, but in deep of them you can see the bright of the love I had for you.

See the ocean too ....that blue water, that strong energie coming from the waves, see how the ocean is powerfull.
See how much lives inside of ocean , so many kind of animals, and plants and so many beauty from nature.
That beauty and powerfull from the ocean live inside my heart, but it borned from the love I had for you.

See the forest...that green...ah ! that green so perfect, and the color of the flowers, so happy so beautiful
In the forest so many kind of animals, so many beautiful, strong and wonderful kind of animals created by God to make ours lives more happy and collored.
So good energie and good air we feel when we be in nature, when we go to forest- we breath so pure air.
We get good feeling when we be in the nature, we get peace .
See in my heart you can find also this pure and all good from the love I had for you.

When it is raining remember my tears, how many tears rolled on my little face and pain in my heart cause the missing from you.
See how much tears wet my face and wet my hair and clothes because my heart wished be with you and have you .
Tears and tears wet my face and my soul missing you, remember, remember !

When you see the sun, remember the warmed huges we get when together, we embraced us with so much love, we were only one wonderful energie united in love
Remember ours hot kisses, remember ours time-together, our romantic way, our peace and wild love...we were on fire.

When you feel the cold, remember ours fights - remember our way to say us things to hurt us....
When you feel alone, remember my days alone and my pain .
when you are happy remember our happiness
when you get pleasure , remember we also got together the best ones.
When you drink, remember ours liquids we got one each other, i drinked your liquid you drinked mine.
You never drinked my tears, because always they rolled while I was alone in pain.
But you drinked my pleasure, I gave all to you, my precious pleasure in your mouth.
And I got yours...your pleasure all to me.
When you eat ...remember we eat us so strong and hungry.
Remember my taste , remember I tasted you, I loved your taste, you loved mine .

When you use parfume, remember mines, remember when i done dush and use exciting parfumes to make me smellling woman to you get me in bed.
Remember i used them in some parties of my body, remember that bath smelling my parfume when i went out from it.
Remember yours clothes with my parfume.
Remember me when smell my empty parfume that i left with you
Remember me without parfume, with my natural smell.
Remember the smell of our sex....our sex so true in bed, we were not shame to give us each other...the cold done us a litte quite but not stoped us.
Remember when you put off your t-shirt and obligated me to do the same in the winter time, only to feel ours warm from body.

Remember that there were so many happenings that hurted me, and so many missunderstanding....
Remember ours sounds of pleasure and try to stop my sadness sound from my crying now
Remember the arabe romantic songs that were background for us

Remember ours days as being so true and as God present.
Ta when you feel your heart crying for me, say to it not cry because still the love is on air,say it that Fri is still alive , say it I will never die for you, because I am in your heart and you in mine.
But the days will come, and situations will change you.

You will think you forget me, or we are past, you will have one sensation you not love me anymore.
But after one year and half you will feel one little voice in your heart calling me

...FRi....what happened to Fri, where she is now, how is she now?
So look to sky, I am one star, the most brillant star is me.
Not stop to look to it, I will bright to you forever
I will be free in the Universum space, but I will be waiting you.
That is my promise, never I will go back to our God without you.
I will wait you...for all eternity.

When you listen sad music, remember my sadness...when you listen romantic music , remember my love for you, when you listen your heart crying for me....hey .... because I will listen it.
Listen romantic music and leave your heart saving me in the most important place of it.
Save me into your mind, in your heart, in your sex wishes.
Think of me being a enormous woman that can get you inside my eyes, dive yourself inside my dark eyes and feel my desire for you.
The verb your speak was doing love sentences and life to me, if now you cant more hear them you must feel is our separtion that blocked all

What is up...I do not know, but I feel one big pain wraping my heart.
I know do not exist end, do not exist begining, do not exist bad or good, all exist is illusion...
But this illusion we lived in egypt with our love was so great ...
But Ta what will live forward that will be a so sad illusion.
The separation, the distance
I can see we will suffer when we separate us, i feel Ta !
The most sad illusion was when i believed I ´d be your wife and I believed I could be loved in true forever.When u warned me you married you just killed one part of me
Oh my way to be so romantic...yes, I am so sensible and romantic and I dream much....but was good the dream...wihtout you could not have this good dream.

When you dream again with me, save me in your dream my Pharaoh...save me save me!
Protect my name, save my person, save my soul!
Imagine us together - do one fantasie stories with us again and again and it will exist again forever
Not allow to die ours memories...save it!
Save me, because if you stop to remember me you kill our love.
Ta, I love you , eu te amo! Ana Bahebak !
Do not forget, I am in your mind while you allow me to be.
Be always happy, each minut, each second, be happy , do it to me please!
I love you
Your FRI, your duck, your eyes !

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