segunda-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2007

is it ok if I call you MIne ??? HAPPY NEW YEAR FELIZ ANO NOVO - 2008

WE must live the moment, all moments must be lived with conscious that each moment is a treasure of our life.
Because the past is gone, the future stil didnt come, what u have is the Now.

Only the "Now" is happening, the moments is happening in ur life....
Just live the moments and each minuts for each time , dont try to get all in one time.

Relax... problems are on air all time... not denay problems can exist...
But problems exist to be solved .they are not ur reality...
Everything that is real cant be modificated, but u can modify problems trough solutions

Thus.... u dont need be rich to be happy, u dont need expensive clothes to be happy, u dont need luxious to be happy, all u need is inside u.
Open ur door in ur deep , there s all answer for ur questions...
Only u can answer all ur doubts
Dont try to find is inside u, i ur inner

You are sad because lost someone u loved ? Do not be...
U dont need anybody...just need u
OK..we need but not to be happy...Ur life not depend of others one to exist

when u think u need someone to u be happy, u re dependening from someone to be happy, u re not alive.
U must see u...look at mirror...that figure is u...accept
Love urself.... this is all u have and with all this u can be happy

Ur inside and ur outside is all urs... ur happiness is not in other person, but in U.
Ur happiness depend only of do u do to know urself ?

I know the most difficult thing is to know ourselves
But try.. just try now to start to know u

U inner will send directions to u reach the answers
Ur spirits will give u new ideas, new emotion
The spirit love we have new experiences in life, it likes when we moved us to get the new in each moment we live. Even when we think every day we have routine
Everyday we eat, sleep, contact same persons at work, at home, but even so, each experiences is not the same...allis different in the "NOW"

Ur happiness depends of u loving u...appreciating u, wishing be with u
Because u re wonderful...exist only one person as u, uself, no other is like u
U re only one.. this one is unique and precious

God gave u one is now in ur responsability
Care it.. give good food to ur body, it is sacrad temple of ur soul
Give exercises to ur body, present u with clothes to protect and decorate it without superfluous things
Give u natural foods to ur body works well wth all chimical and do a good alchimie
Give u chance to have contact with people with mental and moral qualities
Give u chance to rest and enjoy in the nature

Being with lovely friends and listening good music
Try to know the best of this world and put out the worst, put our the superfluo
say no to drugs, to bad people, say no to who wish use ur body to sex contacts that u dont feel any love
Say no to all bad without any afraid...ur choice will be compensated by THe Universum , it will give u better things
When we say NO to the bad...we get the good

Dont be shame for being good human, do the good to others without to see who are them
Dont tell to others u are helping someone, do with ur love and let it saved in ur heart too
Dont give ur back to sad and pain of others
Be a good human and try to make others happy.
Say no to war, to fight, to all wrong
Say yes to all good and peacefull things
Universum will send u also all best and all good

Are u stll sad...look behind many people living in war coutries
so many people in misery situations.
Now look to ur problem, so smal now right?
Look at hospital, kids dying so young, people with cronical and terminal sickness
Look to whom was slave, to whom die from hungry, to whom lost their houses, or family
Now look to ur smal now right ?

Still are u sad ?
I tell give us a lot things we never stop to say thanks
But one day life see u dont matter to all present it gives u - as; ur legs, ur eyes, ur perfect body, u capacities to do things and to creat things, the sunset, the rains, the sea , the night, the stairs, the all around u re free , God asked u no money to u see the sky, to feel the nature so on

So many things life gave u
But u all time dont look at it to say thanks
One day life be tired and take it back from u
U lost ur health and became u have a real things to be sad
Now all ur mind will look to what u had and never said thanks

And u can see ...ur sadness must be stoped and it is time to u say Thanks Universum, Thanks God!
Thanks everything...thanks u too, thanks for everybody
We are living together same history.
Dont be angry from u bec u forgot to say Thanks, say no to blame, say not to al makes u sad, just say thanks for everything in this life...LIFE likes who Likes LIfe.

In 2008 i will still have my big problems, but i know they all is not mine, they belong to the history im living , this history is not mine only

And i cant be angry from life bec them..and when im too too sad, i look behind me to all others my brothers and sisters from this world that suffer much more than me and I say: THANKS

If u need someone to hear u...i am here..u can tell me ur problem I promise to hear u
Dont feel alone never...we are all being observated
Feel the angels around u
I wish u and to every one that read my blog... Happy New Year

Much Love


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