quinta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2007

Baby Join me in Death

How many times i wished to die because i was without u...how many nights alone in my room i cried for u. I swear i wished to join me to death
Tears rolling my face every day, i couldnt look me at mirror bec i sow a sad Fri..without u, m fri alone, fri without sense to live
I wished the death i confess, i tried to reach it several time...
I remember ours days, ours promises...every one was forever, and then was me alone without anything from ur or from ours dreams
U said i couldnt never die alone, bec we came to live together, but i was lonely, living everyday to expect more days without u..
If was not him...if was not God who sent me my turkish friend to help me, i had fail in my forces and i was jointed me to the cold death
Now im alive and still i wait u...come back soon to me

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