sexta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2007

Disapointment to know one person from Austria

Im very sad today...Dear reader friends ...i knew a man these days.
I tought he was so different of every others here in Germany
WE knew us and ours soul were speaking for us
I tought " it is so great " maybe we will have a great friendship
I need so much a good friend..someone able to set free his best and let me know his deep
I have my best friend in turkey, a golden friend...but he is so youn, inspite of his acts is maturer than many men with 40 years old.
But i wanted to expande my friendship and i accepted him...with my heart
And what happened is: he tried to accuse me of things I never done, he tried to blame of things that exist only in his mind
He treated me as Im not being truthfull to him, as i am his wife or girlfriend.
Im anything...we handt time to be anything, it was just starting and he broke it with so bad act
Now, i needed to stop all contact with him...but I am very sad from.
I swear next time i will not let any one to know me as i done with him, i showed my soul
He judge me maybe by himself or by his others contacts
How he asked me about my it is dirty, i write here since 2005
Because my love with Tarek was so grea history and he deserves i tell our history of love
I know u all that read my blog now, knows how i feel me
How someone that knew me just a few days , send me page of my blog to accuse me as im doing bad.
I helped many others women that also knew egyptian or arabe man and wanted go to egypt or other arabe coutry.
I feel me so good when one of u all contact me and tell me ur history.
I will never stop the blog, and I am much sad now , but I know it doesnt worth .
If he was different f others persons, never he was treatming like that only because i have one blog where i tell one love story
I am only his friend...i never promised anything to him
i was only know him...and he was knowing me.
Well my I am better, i stoped all contact with him
Because i dont need someone gives me bad feelings, it exist so much person to do for us
What I need is harmonious ad positive person, that have soul and history.

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