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Fisrt trying to translate the posts of my first blog "Amandonoegito,lovinganegyptian" . Sadness into my heart when was in Cairo coming back to Brazil

Eu tenho alguns leitores estrangeiros que me pediram para fazer traducao do que escrevo.
Ai ai ai, meu ingles nao e suficiente para traducoes perfeitas.
Mas, eles dizem que quando fazem a traducao no google translate as coisas ficam muito diferentes.
Vou tentar.....

Hoje vou colocar um pedaco do que ja traduzi do comeco do blog....
Mas, ainda vou averiguar bem, pois nao consegui traduzir direito, as frases nao receberam o sentido que eu queria...

Se tiver alguma brasileira que fale bem ingles e quiser traduzir para mim eu darei os creditos no blog....
Me escreva .... pode mandar mensagens no chat para mim com seu email...

As my foreigner reader asked me to translate the sentences, because in google translater not works correct, I try my best, but I warn...my english inst enought to such a perfect translations
The sentences didnt get until now the sense I gave when I wrote into portuguese...
But as I promised I will try
lets us do so...today I started to do one part and I will try to see if I can make better the sentences...

So, pay attention...I give now one part of the sense, but it isnt really what is into portuguese
When I write into my langauge I can better express me and my way to tell my history is with much romantic and sensible way...
2004 / 2005 - Brazil / Cairo


Today I decided to start writing my "adventure" in Egypt.
That is not really adventure ( but has no word now to say about because my deep sadness)

I need to do this, a higher power leads me to this, although I've resisted, I did not want to expose me befor.
But I have a friend who is giving me this strength, through her own experience she had in Egypt.



I was so happy that I went back to Brazil, but there.... I was crying at Cairo airport.

I think I need explain this later.

If I comment anything now, I will be misunderstood.

I saw him... he was walking to close to me
I was looking to him.. that face of one Egyptian prince, , and that wonderful way to looking....
he had a proud bearing...I do loved that man so madly, I lost myself for that man and his spell

Wish I could be reborn again and fall at his feet...
At same time I wish running from him, what a spell had that man, what force had that man.
why i felt me so in chains with the feelings I got when I sow him for the first time?

All his being was power and magic, he had power to entice, induce, persuade and lead.
He enchanted me...

What a beautiful man ! that so beautiful voice, that smile!
Oh! those glow of his egyptian eyes.

He was my "pharao" (that is as I call him now, I do not wanna to publicize his name now I hope people understand me) - note- when I wrote first time I didnt write his name

When I came back, people tried to discover why I was so different, in love, with a Halo so bright, so puress in my eyes, all my being was passing to others peace and happiness...same time I was sad...strange ???

So...for some people I was just a dreamer, and I left them to think I dreamed or that I was deluded in romantic stories.
They could not even believe I really lived one wonderful love history starting in Egypt
And if it came to seems be one ilusion as someone said
I do not know how to explain this "illusion", because all that I can say is I crossed the bridge that took me to one other way to live something prisioned in my deep
and it happened just when i found that" illusion" - as it was one passage to the reality again, that really I stoped to live and feel, I crossed one bridge to find one reallty that I had not lived since some years.

And just bec I was too moralist and living a
cloistered life in myself, as a sweet sad angel in the lost shell....people tought I was a dreamer

That labyrinth of depression and spiritual mold , which adhered to the material of my being of my soul and brought me to the ground, to one
deep hole.

I could not more hold on my life or in my being
All that was making me walking automaticly as I was steping in my own dead soul shade.

well, it is very big and into portuguese all be more romantic with poesie but into english i cant translate well, bec I have one very different way to express in my onw language, but let me continue the rest another day
Slowly I will translate parts of my way to see my time together
the man I lived my love story in Egypt ......

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