domingo, 4 de maio de 2008

My best friend going from my life, Adeus meu melhor amigo turco ! saudades

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My best friend is going from my life. Im so sad, I lost my best fiend from turkey !!!
He since some months ago was little by little get apart of me.
And now i felt we are not more same, he is going to one side and i am going to another.
We lost us..but was not my blame...I felt when he decide to get a bit far from me.
But i left it happen..bec i said to myself , if he feels it is what he wants, i leave he to do it...
To me what matter is his started when he found a Philippines girl.
After she he changed, i dont know if he still with her, but she changed him.
Even now he is or not with her, i didnt ask about, it is not my business,I feel we never again will be same of before.
Ou great friendship is getting end, but not end to never we see us or talk us.
Only we ll not have more that intimace, or brother-ship, if exist this word ....?
Now we chat so short and only necessary...only as sister and brother wish to know how each other is going...
My life doesnt matter him as before and i close my interest since when i noticed he wished break our intimace when he found the Philiine girl.
Hope he be happy as he wish, with her or not.
Hope he be so in peace and suceed in all he wish to do in his future.
I am out of his life now, maybe we ll say hi, but no more same .
My best friend is going from my life and i have no force to stop it
Inside me a big pain....i feel im broken but i have no courage to say anything else.
I silence me months ago and is not now i ll say him Im hurted by his distance ...or his changing.
Maybe i could do same if i was in his place, how to judge ?
And he is to me so important..for me if i know he is happy all others things ll lose the importance.
My best turkish friend...Thanks for all u gave me while u could.
Be happy and much happy.
One day if u need me come to me, I will never give u my back
Hope God never allow u need me, bec Im more happy if u never need and follow ur life happily and healthful.
Love u now and forever, never i ll forget u...our laughing, playing , joking, dreaming...
Im still ur smal and lovely Fri...sometime ur poing poing or ur princess.
I loved to live with u in turkey, was my best time.
U re so unforgatable person...blessed angel, my all best!
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