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Tarek messages 2005

Year 2005

Fri escrevendo para Tarek e Tarek escrevendo para Fri

Tarek, you killed all respect and all chances to have me
look lady didnt send me any email ok miss dirty bec u ill u say bad about all people and when any one say truth about u you be will mad , don send me any email agian go to u company and u hobbies u forget u told me that u have share in that company miss lier i not matter be happy
FRI :YOu re so wrong Tarek, only bec you cant understand me well, bec i live in different culture and u judge me
FRI : Ta, now you cant offer me nothing else
Tarek : iam right
Tarek : look lady not make me nervous
Tarek : i will do by my self and cannt share me it bec i done alone ok
FRI : you are married and has your life in turkey what such future can you offer me , nothing , also the age difference is much between also want thing that I dont have, i cant have divorce and u force me i said u how all is happening to me last time, how im in a dirty game and how im being bad treated here.
Tarek : go away, we never needed to talk about age before love is what matter between us
FRI : it is not true, if was really love why you married, happen what happen you could wait more
FRI : you must use your brain sometime , i was in conflict the things not run as u think taht it can be Be intelligente Honey
Tarek: iam who finished law english collage is not inteligent, im not a stupid lady so close your mouth.
FRI : Tarek we are angry and fighting not help us, dont let us hurt ourselves
Tarek: ok miss world
Tarek : look, Im angry now I go to Beach, walk around Alexandria
Tarek : Be on line lady to when i come
FRI : Ok God ! you think are you God to give me orders
Tarek : Fri you left me nervous do what i ask , i go now

E eu fiz exatamente o q ele mandou, deixei o yahoo ligado e fui tomar banho
Olhei a novela e um filme na Tv e nada de Tarek, deveria ser ja umas 4 da manha em Alex
De repente soou aquele barulhinho de porta do yahoo
E la Tava ele
Tarek : Fri, my eyes, come im here
FRI : Ta are you ok ?
Tarek : I smoke much bec you but i know Fri i love u a lot
Fri : O Tarek why do we fight so much when our love is so big
Tarek : i miss you my duck we must do a new meeting our love needs it again
FRI : Yes Ta, so long time, i cry everynight missing you, but im passing bad time now, in middle of a game with who is destroing my psycholigc peace.Everyday is a thing one fight and nervous, i live stressed 24 hours, it is his plan, exactlly he knows im too sensible and my first husband done also same with me, he also si doing, he is finishing me by psychologic side, im alone no one helps
Tarek : Fri my eyes care you to u Ta, u know im ur man and u must live to me i wait u
FRI : Ta im crying ta, so sad all this, u re so far, im so alone, all bad happening, you re married oh ta i wanna die....

Tantas coisas aconteceram entre nos dois, posso dizer q pela distancia que vivemos estavamos muito unidos no coracao e na mente.
As vezes de madrugada ele entrava on line e dizia - Fri my eyes, vc esta bem, nao consigo dormir pensando se algo te acontecer, me sinto inutil por nao esta ai, mas vc tem q lembrar q e minha e por isso seja forte, Tarek woman must be strong.
E eu sempre tentei ser forte enqto pude, mas fui vencida Tarek
Tudo era muito mais forte do que.
FUI vencida pelas hienas que montaram o grande jogo q acabou comigo
E por nao saber ser forte o bastante e q perdi...isso ja se sabia, pois nao nasci para lutar , brigar, vc me conhece, sou sensivel e gosto da paz.
2005 foi o comeco do meu inferno, um dos piores anos que ja passei

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