domingo, 5 de agosto de 2007

Para quem pensa q no Egito nao tem assalto

Da uma lidinha nesse post de uma pessoa do shella group ( se vc nao sabe ingles use um traduto on acha nas buscas na net....

Dear All, I was robbed last Thursday (July 12, 2007) in the evening; my mobiles were stolen along with all of my other personal stuff, e.g. my wallet including all credit cards, all IDs and membership cards, etc..
I had the intention to change how the names appear on my mobile phones so that if they were stolen no body realizes the relationship of any of the names listed on it and connected to me.

I was robbed in a very prominent Area in Egypt !!! Sheraton Heliopolis I am sending this to everybody I know because ladies and girls need to be aware of this incident which is repeatedly happening now in Egypt .
We all go out at night whether alone or with friends or our kids, feeling it is safe to walk in Egypt freely and that nothing needs to be worried about.

This is NOT TRUE Please be cautious; my personal advise is as follows: keep the car license and the driving license in a safe place in the car and change this place regularly or don't put it in the wallet; keep copies of your IDs in your wallet and file the originals at your home; don't put a lot of money in the wallet; don't put all your credit cards in the wallet and don't save their pins on the mobile; don't ever put jewelry or your watch; keep your sun glasses in the car and also your home keys along with any other keys if you are leaving the car to buy something; It is not necessary to go shopping with them.

Keep spare copies of your home and car keys in a safe place; keep a note with the serial number of your mobile phones once you buy it; in case it is stolen, the police can trace it; Do a regular backup of your contacts don't ever put CAMERA or FLASH MEMORY or EXTERNAL HARDDISK in your bag; don't your keep your phonebook or your small agenda or air-travel tickets in your bag. don't walk alone in DARK STREETS; make sure that someone is waiting to you to get out of your cars always hold your bag tight and not in the same direction of the cars/motorcycles running in the street; don't wear a lot of jewelry while going shopping; be practical.

A lot of my friends and neighbors have been robbed -along or while with they are with their husband/brother/ friend- in different scenarios: Two men on a motorcycle holding no numbers catch your bag until it is torn while you are crossing the street; One person could approach you and speak to you then ask you for your bag; One person could make an accident with you to keep you busy while the other person opens your door and rob your car; Please take this email seriously and act quickly; similar incidents are a lot and in very nice areas like Heliopolis , Korba, etc...
However, if you are robbed, please report it immediately to the police.
Everything happens only for our good. I
t is just this sort of experiences that makes you stronger not weaker.
Thanks GOD again for everything.
Have a nice day.

Take Care Jacqueline

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