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setembro . 2005 . repostando postagens do primeiro blog - egito

Segunda-feira, Setembro 26, 2005

Tarek and Fri Tarek - scorpion, 1,86 tal, 80 kilos, likes sports, lowyer and loves
Fri- capricorn, ascendent in taurus, with a scorpion in hause 7 or 8, i dont remember well, 1,49 tall, 55 kilos now, and loves Tarek

Tarek from Egypt, Fri from Brazil
Tarek loves Brazil, and wishes one day he can live here until the end of his life

Fri, loves egypt mainly Alexandria...
Egypt without Tarek is the same of nothing

Tarek muslim and Fri was all religion and sects all mediunity, tarek accepted her same so

Tarek was healthful and strong to life
Fri was feel so weak and wish to die
Tarek gave her one breath with his love
And Fri accepted this love
They wish be together, all is difficult but they dream to be together, allah ll hear them

Tarek and Fri dream also to go again to alex and again to live the wonderful time they had in egypt

Tarek asks to Allah to give them this oportunity
Fri says to Allah she can be happy only if this dream comes in true
Life spirit also wants Tarek and Fri together
And it will happen one day, even it takes so many years
One true love never die - Tarek I love u - Fri,, my eyes I love u


- we are blessed my love dont worry

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