quarta-feira, 25 de março de 2009

chat beetween fri and Tarek चाट बेत्वीन फ्री एंड तारेक, व्हेन इ बौघत माय टिकेट तो गो तो ईजिप्ट तो मीत him

Chats de 2004
2004 talking from Brazil to egypt with Tarek
fri1 (16:26:20): what were you doing?
tarek (16:26:32): i read u offline
fri1 (16:26:35): ok
tarek(16:26:39): how are u?
fri1 (16:26:43): oh tarek
tarek (16:26:48): i finish read
fri1 (16:26:53): i was yesterday to buy my ticket
tarek(16:27:11): and what happen tell me
fri1 (16:27:15): and, i asked to changed from 01-november to 12/13 november
fri1 (16:27:18): and they said ok
tarek (16:27:25): good
fri1 (16:27:41): but i must come back to brasil in 30 days cause the egytp consul only allow brasilian be 30 days
fri1 (16:27:53): and the travel agency said me i cannot come back in dezember
tarek (16:27:54): good
tarek (16:28:09): why?
fri1 (16:28:10): the air company has no tickets to me coming बेक
fri1 (16:28:17): all plane will be full
tarek(16:28:25): try another company
fri1 (16:28:30): all
fri1 (16:28:34): i tried all
tarek(16:28:35): oh all full
fri1 (16:28:37): yes
fri1 (16:28:41): and has one way
tarek (16:28:52): all brizel will travel egypt ??
fri1 (16:29:01): or i go अत 01 november or they keep my name in book
fri1 (16:29:12): if one plane is empty they call me
fri1 (16:29:16): but is not sure
tarek (16:29:24): i have good idea
fri1 (16:29:29): what
tarek (16:30:04): tell them that u will travel 1 11 and what come 29 11 may u can find
tarek (16:30:09): try that
fri1 (16:30:17): yes 01 november is possible
fri1 (16:30:28): but has ramadan
fri1 (16:30:35): and we will lose 15 days
tarek (16:30:46): ok try 15 11 to 14 12
fri1 (16:30:59): oh you dont understand
fri1 (16:31:15): my love i tried in all compnay to go in 12 13 ahed from november
fri1 (16:31:21): they have ticket only to me going
fri1 (16:31:36): if i go i must be til january and i cant cause egypt rules
tarek (16:31:37): try egypt air company
fri1 (16:31:38): and money
fri1 (16:31:51): tarek has no egypt hair company from brasil
tarek (16:32:16): so what u will do fri
fri1 (16:32:25): only Varig, Bristh , Lufthansa , air france these company take me to germany and from there i go to egypt
fri1 (16:32:38): has no other way
fri1 (16:32:50): i dont know what i do
fri1 (16:32:56): i am disapointed with this
tarek (16:33:01): look
tarek(16:33:27): say u will come 15 11 and will come out 10 12
tarek(16:33:33): try that
fri1 (16:33:36): tarek i have said it
fri1 (16:33:40): didnt read my messages
tarek (16:33:42): ok
fri1 (16:33:54): they have ticket only for me going
fri1 (16:33:57): not to come
tarek (16:34:04): look how much the ticket u will pay it single ticket
fri1 (16:34:23): now the ticket is expensive than before ,it cost now 1250 dollar only to go
fri1 (16:34:29): and i cant buy only for going
fri1 (16:34:34): egypt not accept
tarek (16:34:36): single ticket
tarek (16:34:47): look
tarek (16:34:59): u make these single ticket
fri1 (16:35:04): i cantt
fri1 (16:35:07): is not allowed
tarek (16:35:32): that from egypt will make ticket to germany it easy by egypt air line company
fri1 (16:35:48): egypt consul only give me visa if i prove i will be only as toruist for 30 days with ticket for back
fri1 (16:36:00): i must come back to brasil
tarek (16:36:06): look AND OPEN U MIND PLZ
fri1 (16:36:14): i cant be in germany my husband cannot know about my trip to egypt i asked divorce but he refused it i must wait until i can be strong and ask again
fri1 (16:36:19): forget
fri1 (16:36:24): you dont undesrtand me
tarek (16:36:30): LOOK PLZ
tarek (16:37:35): CALL THE EGYPT CONSUL AND TELL HIM THAT U NOT FIND ONLY SINGLE TICKET SO u will make the ticket for go from egypt by egyptair lines
tarek (16:37:44): he will agree i swear
tarek (16:37:52): do what i say plz
fri1 (16:38:05): forget my love all i am doing is from egypt asking
fri1 (16:38:24): they asked me and i am doiing
fri1 (16:38:34): i have called and they asked me these things
tarek (16:38:51): so call him plz and tell him what happen
tarek (16:39:05): plz do iam in so bad time i need u
fri1 (16:39:20): look now i must you help with one thing because the time is coming and i must organize all
fri1 (16:39:28): what bad time
fri1 (16:39:34): always you are in bad time
tarek (16:39:45): tell me what u want i do
fri1 (16:39:51): answer me
tarek (16:39:52): tell me to win time
fri1 (16:40:07): answer me
tarek (16:40:47): i fight today after u call me the first call
fri1 (16:40:51): why
tarek(16:40:56): with mum
fri1 (16:40:59): because me
tarek (16:41:02): no
tarek (16:41:08): another thing
fri1 (16:41:11): tell me
tarek(16:42:41): i was speak my brother after the first call at eat and he says me in bad way and i told her that he must respect me becouse iam his big brother but she fight me stronge
tarek (16:42:55): and saied that i leave home or her
tarek (16:43:02): so i will leave it mum is always strong againts me
fri1 (16:43:05): what?
fri1 (16:43:10): are you crazy tarek
fri1 (16:43:14): is not possible it
tarek (16:43:19): crazy why
fri1 (16:43:27): you go away from hause
fri1 (16:43:32): for where do you go
tarek (16:43:36): i didnt do any thing
tarek (16:43:40): wrong
tarek (16:43:53): she trys make me sad for any reason
fri1 (16:44:12): oh i thougth you have a good relation with your mother
tarek (16:44:18): was a good one
tarek (16:44:43): but she not forget that i do not accept to talk my uncles her brother
fri1 (16:44:54): why you not talk them
tarek (16:45:30): becouse there was small fight between mum and dad and she make her big brother says bad thing to dad
tarek (16:45:33): and i love dad
tarek (16:45:48): me and mohamed brother not talk them
fri1 (16:45:56): i understand
tarek (16:46:04): 2 days now i not eat
fri1 (16:46:24): oh tarek i see when i am egypt you will be so full of problems
tarek (16:46:27): her brother from 7 month says bad things to father
fri1 (16:46:34): i hope you still can be with me 30 days
tarek(16:46:42): i will do
tarek (16:46:56): becouse i havnt place to go and because your re my eyes and love
fri1 (16:47:05): whta happen if you breack ramadan?
fri1 (16:47:14): break
tarek (16:47:23): what break
fri1 (16:47:28): to break
tarek (16:47:29): i not understand
fri1 (16:47:34): broken is past
tarek (16:47:44): yes what u mean
fri1 (16:48:00): what happen if i go 01 november and you not follow the ramadan
tarek (16:48:14): God will be sad from me
fri1 (16:48:26): oh God do you think it
tarek (16:48:34): may be
fri1 (16:48:36): ok
tarek (16:48:44): i must not enter army
fri1 (16:48:48): why
tarek (16:48:55): i must travel as quickly as i can
fri1 (16:49:01): what you mean
tarek (16:49:10): i hate every thing in egypt if i break god sad from me not allow me travel not give me any chance to go from here
fri1 (16:49:23): oh you are not positive today
fri1 (16:49:29): look
fri1 (16:49:42): how is the weather up in egypt, good , has sun?
tarek (16:49:55): if she insist to me me leaVE HOME
fri1 (16:50:07): and where do you go
tarek (16:50:24): i will go to friend and try to find work as wash things
tarek(16:50:32): i not know i havent place
fri1 (16:50:48): you know what i think, i think you must forgive all bad and not put your hand in this problem anymore
tarek (16:51:01): how
fri1 (16:51:05): because you are not auto-support yet you just almost finishing Uni not work and they support u
fri1 (16:51:12): forgive your mum
fri1 (16:51:19): and try to be more sociable
fri1 (16:51:25): with relatives
tarek(16:51:33): fri u not know thing
fri1 (16:51:37): what
tarek (16:51:45): she trys to make me nervous all time even when we are in peace she does it
fri1 (16:51:49): how
tarek(16:51:49): as she can
tarek (16:51:59): all time i control my self
tarek (16:52:13): and say it time and i will leave egypt and all
fri1 (16:53:44): i think your mother is passing a bad time too, with all problem on her back, maybe she is stressed , how she can ask you go out home, she loves you, maybe she is passing really bad time...i cant believe she speaks it in serious way...maybe she wants you take a atittude to moving your life , because now you wit this age and she thinks what you will do in your life forward
fri1 (16:56:53): one time i asked for my eldest son to goes out from home and i closed the door and he was out all night...because he was doing thing i didn agree, he liked to sleep all day and night go to do music with friends and was til later in night..and he not stoped his studies, but only want music and friends...and i said to him change his behavior and he didnt, so i put him out...of course my heart was broken...than he came back home again and we talked and he said he will do it or that...with some time he was equal again in the same bad and even so i never more put him out, but i not talked to him , til he be as i wanted he was
tarek (16:57:28): fri sorry pc closed
fri1 (16:57:32): no p
tarek(16:57:40): what
fri1 (16:57:45): no problem
tarek (16:57:55): fri u not know mum
tarek (16:58:08): she love her brother more than we
tarek (16:58:30): she leaves me in hard time of uni tests and go cairo to her brother
tarek (16:58:34): i swear
fri1 (16:58:40): now you fight with her cause them and want protect your father ,right?
tarek (16:58:49): yes
fri1 (16:59:06): but if you go out from your home, who will protect him ,so it will be the same for him
tarek(16:59:59): but if i not go she will leave the home and go cairo to her brothers and my brothers needs her of course
fri1 (17:00:34): she not go , if she goes she will come , she is mother and not leave her sons alone
fri1 (17:00:59): tarek you are her son too , you are not her enemie...what you think my love
tarek (17:01:10): but we in ramadan days and they need her alot they younger and be weak in ramadan days
fri1 (17:01:33): why all people are collecting food at home to ramadan if you cannot eat
tarek (17:02:05): iam not understand
fri1 (17:02:12): ok forget baby
fri1 (17:02:14): look
tarek (17:02:17): what
tarek (17:02:26):i understand now we collect to eat after ramadan fri fri i so feel bad fri
tarek (17:02:36): i need u
fri1 (17:02:40): now i must you help me with presents for family....not feel bad , when i am in egytp you wil be good
fri1 (17:02:46): i will give lots care
fri1 (17:02:54): and i will make you more adult hehehe
tarek (17:03:22): i wait the another problem she will call father and tell him that i was wrong
fri1 (17:03:29): Look
tarek(17:03:35): what fri
fri1 (17:03:42): Tarek you must not put your finger in some problems
fri1 (17:03:52): it let your family worst
fri1 (17:03:57): let them solve it
tarek (17:04:14): solve it i will be out home fri
fri1 (17:04:19): no
fri1 (17:04:22): you cannot goout home
fri1 (17:04:27): and neirther your mother
tarek (17:04:28): i havnt another place or work
fri1 (17:04:34): you both must learn to be in peace i know ishard but try it
fri1 (17:04:50): You know the first thing God want to us
fri1 (17:04:56): leave in peace in family and in community, union with everyone
fri1 (17:05:00): live
tarek(17:05:07): yes i do i swear
tarek (17:05:15): but she wants me bad she be happy when see m nervous
fri1 (17:05:15): so, understand your mother
fri1 (17:05:18): no
tarek (17:05:37): she wants me talk my uncles and i refuse
tarek (17:05:49): and she do alot fight becouse that
fri1 (17:05:59): talk them show your are superior of them ,but be clear ,do not allow doing bad for papa
tarek (17:06:14): i cannt speak them
fri1 (17:06:21): not be so proud tarek
tarek (17:06:22): they hurt dad
fri1 (17:06:37): yes, but God forgive us why you cannot forgive them
fri1 (17:06:41): not judge them
tarek (17:06:46): look
tarek(17:06:50): tell me
tarek (17:07:06): how u know that there is fight in home
fri1 (17:07:16): because your voice mother
tarek (17:07:30): u haired it
fri1 (17:07:34): yes when i called she said some to u
tarek (17:07:41): ok
fri1 (17:07:45): why dear
tarek (17:07:51): did u send the letter
fri1 (17:07:55): yes of course
tarek (17:07:58): i was wonder how u know
fri1 (17:08:04): i am magic
tarek (17:08:07): what u send in it
fri1 (17:08:10): money to pay first days in rent in egypt
fri1 (17:08:11): fotos u asked
fri1 (17:08:14): 6 fotos
fri1 (17:08:19): be careful with all them
tarek (17:08:32): 6 photos of u
fri1 (17:08:51): i want know if 20 euros can help you to go to dentist ,not do all treatment but care with your pain
fri1 (17:08:53): yes
tarek(17:09:07): no they cannt
tarek (17:09:14): forget fri the pain will go
fri1 (17:09:19): but you wil change 20 euro with friends
fri1 (17:09:28): i hate when you say me to forget
fri1 (17:09:35): as i am an idiot
tarek (17:09:49): u duck so u must forget ok
tarek (17:10:01): not forget u duck:-P
fri1 (17:10:07): tarek
fri1 (17:10:09): not scape
tarek (17:10:12): what my eyes
fri1 (17:10:13): tell me about presents
fri1 (17:10:20): what i give them
tarek (17:10:21): any thing fri
fri1 (17:10:24): not say it
fri1 (17:10:26): i hate it
tarek (17:10:29): ok fri
tarek (17:10:35): bring coffe
tarek (17:10:43): and look for day u can come to me
fri1 (17:10:45): yes i have already bought 6 bag
tarek(17:10:48): an watchi that all ok
fri1 (17:10:50): what is that
tarek (17:10:56): watich
tarek (17:10:59): watch
fri1 (17:11:05): write in arabic
tarek (17:11:05): in hand
tarek (17:11:18): ساعة
fri1 (17:11:21): no
fri1 (17:11:24): in my words
tarek(17:11:25): why
fri1 (17:11:29): write
tarek (17:11:37): that show us time
fri1 (17:11:52): tarek i say about present for your brothers
tarek (17:11:59): that all fri
tarek (17:12:07): coffe and watch
tarek (17:12:16): that will be good
fri1 (17:12:34): og you not help me , i cant buy watch because i havent money to buy swiss clock for everybody and i cant buy bad ones
fri1 (17:12:57): exist lots chaper
fri1 (17:12:59): cheap
tarek (17:13:00): not buy swiss it high
fri1 (17:13:03): but i dont like it to buy cheap
tarek (17:13:07): bring cheap
fri1 (17:13:18): how old are them
tarek (17:13:28): 16
tarek (17:13:29): 21
tarek (17:13:33): 20
tarek (17:13:48): and I
fri1 (17:13:50): has a girl? what age
tarek (17:14:11): 21
fri1 (17:14:26): so she likes things for woman and not oclock
tarek (17:14:36): ;)matter only to the older he is good guy :)
fri1 (17:14:45): are 4 person and not 5
tarek(17:14:53): we re 8
tarek (17:15:00): with father and mum
fri1 (17:15:06): for father what i take
tarek (17:15:06): 16 is twin
fri1 (17:15:15): has two boys with 16 years
tarek (17:15:26): underwear:-P
fri1 (17:15:32): they like surf clothes?
fri1 (17:15:37): ah ah ah
fri1 (17:15:45): oh tarek
tarek(17:15:46): yes 2 16
tarek (17:15:57): not bring him underwear i joke
fri1 (17:16:01): yes i know
fri1 (17:16:05): i am not stupid
fri1 (17:16:13): =))
tarek (17:16:17): i know my eyes
tarek (17:16:32): did u send me small photos cartoon
fri1 (17:16:35): no
fri1 (17:16:49): i didnt find but i send one a bit nacked mine when was younger
tarek (17:17:01): what nacke
fri1 (17:17:04): nacked
tarek (17:17:25): what in it tell me plz i cannt wait
fri1 (17:17:28): tarek do you know if i can take sex filme with me , they not stop me cause them ,right? ar u sure i can take with me porno filme for u Uni friends
tarek (17:17:42): u can take about 3
tarek (17:17:47): personal thing
tarek(17:17:56): they cannt stop
fri1 (17:18:01): my breast you can see them when i was 28 years i dont remember right age
fri1 (17:18:13): and cafe how much i can take
tarek (17:18:21): only breast
fri1 (17:18:23): yes
tarek (17:18:34): i want ass:((
fri1 (17:18:38): ah ah ah
fri1 (17:18:57): ta i cant never show me nacked u know and we ll meet us dont need it now...oh tarek i am afraid they stop my bag because i put lots food inside
tarek (17:19:11): no
fri1 (17:19:14): why
tarek (17:19:20): fri i know how u re, pics showed me a lot i will not ask you dont like i find good you are so
tarek (17:19:22): i goo
fri1 (17:19:27): good ta
tarek (17:19:28): it will be one hour
fri1 (17:19:32): ok
fri1 (17:19:33): bye
fri1 (17:19:35): kisses
tarek (17:19:37): they cannt stop u
fri1 (17:19:40): ok
tarek (17:19:52): becouse there as law to make tourist so happy
fri1 (17:19:59): i hope
tarek (17:20:02): yes they do all for turist feel good in egypt do notworry
tarek (17:20:06): that really
fri1 (17:20:09): i need you to me be happy
tarek (17:20:27): so u will depend on so young as u said ;)
fri1 (17:20:31): yes it seems be so :)
tarek (17:20:35): he is the best
fri1 (17:20:38): but you will be older when i am there
tarek (17:20:40): he is who will make u happy fri as u wish
tarek (17:20:43): yes
fri1 (17:20:49): and what you want from me as present
tarek(17:21:05): underwear:-Pred one
fri1 (17:21:11): tell me
fri1 (17:21:14): quick
fri1 (17:21:20): i must close my bag
tarek (17:21:21): any thing
fri1 (17:21:25): tell me
tarek (17:21:29): nothing
fri1 (17:21:34): i hate it
tarek (17:21:36): i not know
tarek (17:21:39): you re my present ok
tarek(17:21:50): and bring underwear blue:D
fri1 (17:21:54): ah ah ah
tarek(17:21:55): i joke
tarek (17:22:08): make it hidden ok
fri1 (17:22:11): ok i will not take nothing to you no claim than
tarek (17:22:12): hidden
tarek (17:22:29): what fri
fri1 (17:22:36): you dont want nothing
tarek (17:22:42): i said u so what
fri1 (17:22:49): i not take nothing for you
tarek (17:22:56): i will cry

tarek (17:23:20): fri
fri1 (17:23:23): it is 1 hours right
tarek (17:23:25): fuck that pc control my time i want waste with my love
fri1 (17:23:26): kisses
fri1 (17:23:29): yes
tarek (17:23:34): i love u fri
fri1 (17:23:42): and me i only love you
tarek (17:23:44): remmber i so need u
fri1 (17:23:48): and m you too
tarek (17:23:51): bye my eyess
fri1 (17:23:52): make the best to you
fri1 (17:23:54): bye
tarek (17:24:00): be mine my eyes soon we will be together to make our love strong
tarek (17:24:05):love u

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